viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016

Marilyn Monroe

Lovely and natural Marilyn.: renesoto: Marilyn Monroe photographed on the set of The Misfits (1961).: marilyn.: Marilyn Monroe in ‘The Misfits’, 1961.: Marilyn Monroe: MARILYN MONROE Costume test for unfinished Something's Gotta Give 1962. Costume by JEAN LOUIS. Marilyn was looking her very best here, slim, refreshed & stunning.The studio tried to pretend the opposite. From CREATING THE ILLUSION by Jay Jorgensen & Donald L Snoggins 2015. A fabulous book. JEAN LOUIS is FINALLY GIVEN HIS DUE HERE! He created Marlene Dietrich's iconic Las Vegas gowns, Marilyn's 'Happy Birthday' gown. And BOB MACKIE was HIS UNDERSTUDY (Minkshmink): Marilyn Monroe, en William Travilla, su diseñador personal, 1955, para la película "La tentación vive arriba", vestido Iconico del cine: MM: Étais-tu triste  ?: Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn: Marilyn Monroe: Stunning exhibition of rare photos and artefacts marks 50 year anniversary of iconic star's deathMarilyn Monroe - 1962 - Drinking Wine - Photo by George Barris - @~ Mlle:  : ‘Walter Mitty’ and the LIFE Magazine Covers That Never Were | Marilyn Monroe:  : Resultados de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de These Rare Photographs of Marilyn Monroe Are Now on Display in London: Marilyn Monroe always knew how to wear her clothes and jewellery well. Don't you just love this? Stunning photograph and necklace... #marilynmonroe:

Diamonds are a girl´s best friend


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