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Vintage Jane Russell
Jane Russell
b22-design:  Esther Williams - ‘underwater world’
Esther WilliamsEsther Jane Williams (August 8, 1921 – June 6, 2013) was an American competitive swimmer and MGM movie actress.

grace kelly. howell conant. 1955.
Grace Kelly
Gene Tierney in Yank, The Army Weekly, 1944.
Gene Tierney
Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth
Jane Fonda In swimwear
Jane Fonda
Ursula Andress: In 50 years, they still haven't found an equal to the original Bond Girl.
Ursula Andress
Marilyn Monroe, 1951
Marilyn Monroe
Sophia Loren. I'm lucky to have seen her once in person.
Sophia Loren
The 20 Most Iconic Swimsuit Moments: Racquel Welch
Raquel Welch
Ava Gardner...Vintage this shot of her...
Ava Gardner
Brigitte Bardot is often credited with popularizing the bikini first by wearing the look in her 1952 film, The Girl in a Bikini, and then by wearing it a year later in Cannes, where paparazzi photographed her sunbathing in a strapless two-piece. But it is this white underwire top and ruffled bottom from Louis Malle's New Wave film that truly makes waves for us.
Brigitte Bardot
Close to 800 girls auditioned for the brazen role of Lolita Haze, but it was former model Sue Lyon who ended up getting the part and creating film history in this scene in which she first meets her older lover in a tropical print hipster bikini, wide-brimmed hat, and cat-eye—not heart-shaped—sunglasses.
Sue Lyon
This beyond basic nude one-piece proved sometimes it's the simpler things in life that matter the most, unless you factor in Bo Derek's trendsetting cornrow braids.
Bo Dereck
Not all bikinis are created alike, as Angelina Jolie proved in this poised-for-action black two-piece that was almost the perfect homage to Ursula Andress's swimsuit in Dr. No.
Angelina Jolie
But the best homage to Ursula Andress's swimsuit in Dr. No is this tangerine bikini from Eres that Halle Berry wore as the modern-day Bond Girl, Jinx.
Hallie Berry
Katharine Hepburn in the pool. The Philadelphia Story, 1940.
Katherine Hepburn
1969 / FILM CULTE / Cette année, Alain DELON retrouve "sa belle" Romy SCHNEIDER afin de tourner le film "La piscine"... L'instant du tournag...
Romy Schneider
In the film version of Tennessee Williams' dark play, Elizabeth Taylor's character Catherine Holly is asked by her cousin to wear an alluring white maillot in order to attract his would-be paramours. Taylor ended up succeeding both onscreen, and off, where the image of her in this one-piece still endures to this day.
Elizabeth Taylor


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